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While campaigns use Facebook and Twitter differently during the campaign the study found that they don’t stray far from the public conversation in subject matter even why the researchers took into account new issues from social media


The paper found that while Twitter and Facebook both serve different purposes in reaching out to voter. With twitter being used to comment and engage on event of the moment (Figure 1).

figure 1 showing social media activity around debates

While Facebook was used to engage with known support to rally around an issue that is being pushed by the candidate or to mobilize supporters to the polls, but for both platforms neither strayed far from the public agenda which is still being driven by established media organizations, and the general public as seen in table 3 of the study

Figure showing similarities between all platforms

How to apply it to Campaigns

While the research shows that even with the rang of social media election those platforms are more of a supplement in line with Press Releases in the case of twitter and direct mail/email in the case of Facebook, and it shows what use to work with getting earned media and m=bilizing voters still holds the same has I had in the past prior to the rise of social media.