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With voter moving to digital platform social media like Facebook and YouTube, campaigns need to make sure that they treat their digital campaign like its own campaign with the ability to fundraise, voter ID, voter registration, and GOTV. This will allow it to work to enhance your traditional campaign beyond a strictly digital strategy. The biggest thing is that digital campaign brings in more reliable voter’s date making measurements. This is a huge improvement because currently canvassing has to do some guesswork about whether the support is real or the voter was being polite and trying to end the conversation. While you can train voters to mitigate this digital look beyond what they say and take into consideration how long they spend on a page, what pages they looked at, and are able to see what they are talking about throw tags. Also, it is much better at targeting voter because of the range of option from demographics to time and even IP addresses. When looking at the digital platform, there are some basics that are shared with all of the options.

There are 3 way you can bid with digital platforms

ppc bid matrix

Each platform allows for different bids, but you will always run into some combination of these 3, and for most people, CPC and CPA are the best because it allows an individual to set up an ad that does well because they mitigate the need for staff to do ad copy and test. That being said the cheapest if you have the stuff already is CPM because you are able to get the cost per click much lower since you bid for 1000 impressions at a time at a low rate. Also, CPM is the best way to do voter outreach for a GOTV.

A digital GOTV is one of the best ways to target the Rising American Electorate, but there are few things that you should keep in mind

Avoid Lots of Text

bad example of digital GOTV Get out the Vote

Have A Picture

example with the best picture for digital GOTV Get out the Vote

Keep it short

fat fing design for digital GOTV Get out the Vote

While Cost Per Impression works great for GOTV you are going to want to use Cost Per Click or Cost Per Action for digital fundraising. This will allow you to pay for only the view that clicks on the ad. This means that if you have done your targeting and ad copy correct, then the visitor will have a likely chance a donating given they were drawn in by the ad.