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Figuring out what is trending on Twitter can be difficult. Do you use the advance search to look for keywords? Do you look at a list of thought leader every day? Check to see what’s on your timeline?

There are a lot of tools out there that can help you discover what is popular right now to help you reach out to your targeted audience. Below are three that are some of the best around



Buzzzsumo searches multiple social sites for the most popular keywords or domains and can show results by time period, from last 24 hours up to a year. The best thing about Buzzsumo is that it tracks keywords and domains across multiple social media site including Google + this will allow you to add your two cents to the conversation no matter where it is, and know which platform will perform the best for you.

Buzzsumo tools for Twitter that lets you search for influencers with a number of filters that let you find individuals that can offer strong engagement, and have quality backlinks. Buzzsumo also lets you search twitter so you can Find people talking about your brand, your competitors, and topics relevant to you.

~~#### Topsy (Discontinued)


Topsy is a social search engine that displays results similar to Google. One of the biggest advantages to Topsy is that it offers a more immediate time filter the Buzzsumo ranging from the past hour to 30 days. You can also filter by links, videos, tweets, and by relevancy.

One of the biggest advantages of Topsy is that it goes further with Topsy Analytics. There you can look at the volume of tweets sent each day and compare them to up to 2 other keywords.~~



Socialmention, unlike Buzzsumo and Topsy, focuses on real-time search results this means that doesn’t automatically sort by popularity or volume. The big advantage of Social mention is you can see the latest tweets, blog posts and other social posts about any topic you choose, from any time, or from a specific time like the past hour for the past month.

Along the left side, you can see some basic stats about your chosen keyword, such as the sentiment and reach. There is other useful information that you can use to dive deeper into what content is popular available too, like the top tweeters tweeting about your topic and the most popular related hashtags.



Epictions is a tool that focuses on influencer and hashtags on all social media Platforms and offers many of the same content tools as Buzzsumo. One of the strongest tools Epictions offers is the ability to search for multi-channel influencers, and know what kind of content they share.

The biggest advantage of Epictions is that it focuses on hashtag and content research so you are able to figure out what kind of content is being shared in your niche and the hashtags you should use to join the conversation.

First Posted 10-22-2015