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  • Volunteer Voter Contact Formula

  • Check List for Yard Signs

    While I think yard signs are a bad idea if you do what to use yard signs then this is a simple check list so you at least make less worries.
  • How to Recruit a Grassroots Army

    Democrats routinely field more effective volunteer armies than Republicans, largely due to the help of their allies in organized labor. But Democrats have also had more success building grassroots organizations because they’re often better at communicating with and organizing their base.
  • Social Media Strategy

    What is a Social Media Strategy A Social Media Strategy is becoming a critical part of every political and non-for profits strategy, and unlike other digital strategies, your social media strategy is built with a framework and general policy. The first part is the Strategy that will act like...
  • Starting a Political Action Committee

    A Political Action Committee (PAC) is often the best way to make a difference in politics. In this post we will go over the key differences between the two most common PACs, and an overview of the steps you will need to take to start and terminate a Nonconnected PAC....
  • Volunteer Relations System

    Summery With the election year coming grassroots programs will start to launch and with every program the heart and soul of the grassroots program is volunteer so by creating a volunteer relations system you will be able to build and maintain a volunteer team that will be there for...
  • Free Media and Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election

    Peter L. Francia looked into one of the leading theories for the stunning victory of President Donald Trump. In Free Media and Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election: The Unconventional Campaign of Donald Trump Peter L. Francia looks at a number of different datasets to determine if there...

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