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Do you need to Fundraise

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Even if you have a full-time volunteer staff you will still need to buy and rent the basics(.ie voter list, offices, and any campaign materials), but full time for Local elections (Towns/Small Cities and State Senate/House) you will need 40-70 hour a week to make enough voter contacts in 3-4 months. So while it is possible to not spend more than $1,000 + voter list for a local race by raising money you will be able to increase your voter contacts so 5 hours of fundraising can reach more voters through mailers or digital ads then 5 hours of phone banking or door knocking. Keep in Mind the average winning political campaign will spend between $16 - $67 per vote

Basics of Fundraising

  1. Candidates/Public Figure Does the Fundraising: Candidates are your best resource when you are doing fundraising. They are the only ones to give donors the personal touch that often works best.

  2. You have to Ask: Very little donations come in unsolicited so you have to ask.

  3. Ask for More: No one will ever give more than they are asking.

  4. Ask Often: While I was fundraising for the RNC we would go through each list with 2 weeks. This was because we found that people who donated recently are more likely to donate.

  5. Create Urgency: Give a reason to donate like fighting a policy or to win an election.

  6. Stay In Touch: Following Up with donors and making them feel like they are part of the team will make them feel that their donations are going to something meaning full.

  7. Every One Does Fundraising:

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How to Keep a Cost Low

While fundraising is unavoidable you can minimize the amount of time you have to spend doing it by keeping your costs low. The first thing you need to do is to keep the costs of your campaign basics as low as possible. The easiest place to do this is cutting your website cost by using free hosting, and free service. The other major thing you can do is avoid yard signs, while you may see them every year they aren’t worth the money because mailers and digital ads are better, due to being able to target, track, and measure them.