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  • Volunteer Relations System

    Summery With the election year coming grassroots programs will start to launch and with every program the heart and soul of the grassroots program is volunteer so by creating a volunteer relations system you will be able to build and maintain a volunteer team that will be there for...
  • Free Media and Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election

    Peter L. Francia looked into one of the leading theories for the stunning victory of President Donald Trump. In Free Media and Twitter in the 2016 Presidential Election: The Unconventional Campaign of Donald Trump Peter L. Francia looks at a number of different datasets to determine if there...
  • Basics Of Fundraising

    Do you need to Fundraise Short Answer: Yes
  • Campaign Strategy for Political Campaigns

    Running a Local Campaign comes with its own problems from the lack of resources to the lack of coverage from the media, and while some you have control over others is just part of the environment.
  • Fundraising Email: Digital Fundraising (3 of 3)

    In Digital Fundraising Part 1 and Digital Fundraising Part 2 we went over how to build an email list for a fundraising campaign in Digital Fundraising part 3 we will be going through the basics of Fundraising with Email.
  • How to Target Voters for a Political Campaign

    Every political campaign strategy is built around targeting voters through different stages of voter contact, and while there is a range of ways to do the voter contact they all follow the similar voter targeting strategy.
  • Volunteer Voter Contact Formula

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