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  • .htaccess Snippets

    .htaccess Snippets A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place.
  • Finding Influencers: Digital Fundraising (2 of 3)

    In Digital Fundraising Part 1 we covered what type of content you should have, and the layout you should use to maximize your email collection. In Digital Fundraising Part 2 we will look at how to find and reach out to Influence to help you connect...
  • Tools for Social Media Tracking and Engagement (Updated)

    Figuring out what is trending on Twitter can be difficult. Do you use the advance search to look for keywords? Do you look at a list of thought leader every day? Check to see what’s on your timeline?
  • Building a Campaign List: Digital Fundraising (1 of 3)

    Digital Fundraising is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to raise money for your online advocacy group and political campaign. The main focus of Part 1 is about content that will generate email addresses.
  • My Problem With Yard Signs

    Every cycle, you see them pop-up in neighborhoods and on mediums in the road. Yard signs are ambiguous with local campaigns, but you will find it’s hard to find a campaign consultant or a staffer who is for them. Yet every time seasoned, experienced political candidates and volunteers seem to...
  • 10 Tips for better User Experience

    1. Design for Slower Connection Speed
  • How to Get Involved with Your Local Political Party

    With the November election long past and midterms still over 18 months away a lot of people I know have asked me how to get involved with local politics. While there are many ways to seem involved the new way in social media rarely will lead to making the kind...

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