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While I think yard signs are a bad idea if you do what to use yard signs then this is a simple check list so you at least make less worries.

  1. How many yard signs will be necessary to blanket your district?

  2. Will you use large wooden signs, small signs, a combination of both?
    • If you do choose to use smaller signs look at using cardboard they are a little more expensive but are the easiest to put together.
  3. Will you put up signs in the primary (whether or not you have a primary opponent)?

  4. When will you put up your signs during the primary and general election?
    • This is a trickier question than one might at first think. 4x4 wooden signs driven into the ground by metal stakes should probably go up as early as possible in the campaign which is about 45 days out. However, the smaller paper signs are not durable enough usually to last 45 days of weather and in addition, they get stolen by kids and opponents more frequently depending on where you live.
  5. What information is absolutely necessary to put on your yard sign?

    • Too often, candidates try to put too much information on their yard signs. Generally, people only look at yard signs for a split second as they are driving and don’t have time to see much more than the name. Unfortunately, I have known many starting candidates who believed that the yard sign was the appropriate place to educate voters as to first name, middle initial, last name, nickname, the office being sought. District number, party affiliation and who knows what else. The key is to have your last name as big as possible, use upper and lower case letters and keep other information to a minimum.
  6. How are you going to develop your yard sign lists?
    • This can be done in several ways. First, contact all your friends and relatives that live in your district or near your district on main roads. Second, check with other candidates in the area for their yard sign lists. Third, distribute volunteer cards at all your events, and Republican events to gain yard sign locations. Fourth, do a mailing with a volunteer card, to all Republicans that voted in the ‘90 election, or the last school board election.
First Posted 11-09-2016